Monday, December 30, 2013

Another cute baby picture

Because who doesn't like cute babies?

Elizabeth Woodville

Here's Elizabeth Woodville, the most beautiful woman in England with her "heavy lidded eyes, like a dragon."  I can just imagine the cosmetics ads.  Are your eyes not scaly and dragon-like enough?  I'm making myself laugh now.  I'm into smoky eyes.  She was into dragon eyes.

Also, the book I mentioned this week is available on Amazon here.

Episode 018 - Elizabeth Woodville

A history of Elizabeth Woodville, the grandmother of Henry VIII (mother in law to Henry VII)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Guess Who's Alive? (aka Episode 017: Margaret Beaufort)

I know I'm skipping around in timelines here.  I mostly just talk about what I'm interested in at the moment.  In the future I'll try to move more chronological.  Margaret Beaufort was Henry VII's mother - so Henry VIII's paternal grandmother.  A teeny bit before our time, but a fascinating lady and worth an episode as an introduction to her.  Read more about her - she's a mighty fierce lady.

Here are some pictures - most portraits of her were done after she had died, and may have been used as Tudor propaganda to show how pious she was.

And for fun, because who doesn't like babies, here's my Hannah helping me podcast :)

Episode 017 Lady Margaret Beaufort

Background on Henry VII's mother, and one of the founders of the Tudor dynasty.