Sunday, September 25, 2011

Episode 016: Lady Jane Gray

New episode on the tragic life of Lady Jane Grey. Intrigue and deception by her parents cost poor Jane her life.


  1. Fascinating and oh-so-tragic. I saw "Lady Jane" years ago, and although it took liberties with the facts, it haunted me to know how much of it WAS true. I wish the romantic parts of the movie had been true as a balance to the tragedy!

  2. Nice podcasting, and we're still waiting. When do we get to hear more dulcet tones reporting on "Bloody" Mary, Elizabeth (multiple episodes?), there were even two more Queens Mary in Scotland around this time. Then there's Shakespeare mayhaps? James, Charles ... who was smote with more bloody execution, The Interregnum, and so on.

    Btw, I believe I have found there is now a tree growing in front of Whitehall on the very spot Charles was beheaded. Maybe you could follow up on this; confirm, deny, elucidate?