Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Episode 008 - Christmas celebrations in Tudor England

No, I'm really not late on this Christmas podcast - seriously, listen and you'll find out that we're still in the 12 days of Christmas, and the biggest party is tonight!

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  1. Hi!

    I'm really enjoying your podcasts! This is the 3rd time I've tried to post a comment, so I'm sorry if you end up with loads but my computer's messing me about a bit...

    Anyway. If only these casts had been around during my A-Levels it might have helped! I wondered that, as you ask at the end of your podcasts if there are any suggestions for subjects, you'd be interested in doing something on the playwright, Christopher Marlowe? He acted as a spy in Walsingham's government during Elizabeth I's reign, and was murdered in a tavern by being stabbed - rather grusomely - in the eye... There's speculation over whether he was murdered in a brawl, or whether it was assassination, as he was a bit of a 'live wire'. He often claimed to be Catholic, or an Atheist, which was probably true at times, but I think more to be shocking sometimes! He was also a massive influence on Shakespeare, introducing iambic pentameter into the stage and effectively setting the template for Elizabethan theatre.

    I think it'd be a good subject, because it covers so many things - political intrigue, religion and culture - and it's a bit of a whodunnit as well, seeing as how tno-one knows the exact nature of his death...

    I could always reccomend some books if you want to email me at petermcd@hotmail.com,

    Take care!

    Peter McDonald, 26, Cheddar, UK