Sunday, March 7, 2010

Episode 009 - A Tale of Two Thomases

The first in a two part story of four Thomases who were very important to Henry VIII. This week: Wolsey and More.


  1. Hi Heather, I recently discovered your podcast...and I love it. My drive to and from work has been much better : )


  2. Just found your podcast and love it. Its great, I enjoy The History of Rome and your podcast has the same type of feel to it. Always interesting :)

  3. Hey Jennifer and You've Got Dead - thank you SO MUCH for the comments! I've been kind of lazy with keeping this updated, but I'm getting better - stay tuned for more episodes. Jennifer - I have a long drive too, and podcasts totally get me through it, so I'm glad I can help :) And Dead - I LOVE History of Rome, so I really appreciate the comment :)